How To Draw A Swan In Pencil With Step By Step Tutorial

How To Draw A Swan In Pencil?

Today, our task – to understand how to draw a swan pencil. Please note that the shape and form of the bird set his feathers, so painting them, you need to pay attention to shade, texture, and light.

We will talk about how to draw a swan on stage. The general principle of this process is nature synthesis. This bird draws quite easily: his figure can be decomposed into two ovals representing the head and body and the neck and wings, which can set delicately curved curves.

We are identifying the learning of how to draw a swan. In a first step, we determine the location of his figure. We provide the axial line of the sheet, and this will be the axis of our pattern.

How To Draw A Swan

The bottom draws eggs in the shape of an oval. Make sure you have enough space for the neck and head. The narrow end of the oval is directed slightly downward at a right angle.

From the oval upwards slide gracefully curved neckline. Upon its top part of this cool drawings, draw added small oval, a sketch for the bird’s head. Spend the second line, turning out the neck of a swan. Note that the bottom of the channel is wider than the top.

Draw two lines for a gracefully outstretched wing. To obtain an upper contour lines bottom to obtain the desired shape wings. At the same time outlines the silhouettes of feathers.

Mark the locations of the legs of a swan: the thigh with small ovals and paws.

Remember eyes and beak. Gently slide the eraser on the photo, making sure the lines are barely visible and won’t interfere with your future work.

The next stage specification

Instantly it’s time to study how to draw a swan, to perform it look genuine.

To do this, the image must be made more precise: to clarify certain details, smooth lines cut around the outline. It is necessary to translate the areas where the body shape of a swan changes:

The Compound of the head to the neck.

The transition from breast to the body.

Body to legs.

For more details, you need to draw the wings of this bird. Perhaps it will take a lot of time because you need to pay attention to each feather. Basic line drawing feathers, soft, you can schedule small feathers under the wings and belly. Earn money, build a beak, do not forget about webbed paws.

The next stage is this hatch. How to draw a swan so it turned out like a life? Assuming that the light source is throwing above itself. We begin stroking bird lines of different lengths; for the use of light color or HB pencil 2H, shading plot the curved lines, repeating the shape of the body. We place feathers on the head, neck, swan, bearing in mind that the light source is located at the top right.

Tracking the glare on his cheeks and head, we pay attention to the fact that the shadows outlined the shape of the head. Cross-hatching contrast we sketch beak, obscures the eyes above, leaving a white glare.

Add dark color to the wings, to the neck, to the areas in the shadows. I am using a pencil 2B and HB. Please note that the bottom of the neck feathers are larger than the top, so the finishing touches that need to be done here are longer, have more curves, and keep a wide distance between them.

Now you know how to draw a swan. If you don’t know it right aside, don’t trouble! Train – and swan necessarily survive on the sheet!

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