What Are Sketches? What Are They?

What are sketches?

What are sketches? These are initial figures representing ideas of future constructions, works of art, machinery, or any part thereof.


This schematic view is very similar to the drawing: it includes all the necessary information for its manufacture and control.

In the sketch, there are drawings, which provided technical standards, length, width, material, and other information. You must create a sketch based on norm and rule standards. This is very important. Sketch children draw in school in the classroom drawing: teacher puts items in front of them and carries them with his pictures on paper. To this end, the subject needs a notebook in a cell.


the sketch is as follows:

  1. Please read the parts, study its shape, and define geometric shapes from what it consists of. In other words, ideally, divide it into simple surfaces. Some turned out to be the first paragraph sounds complicated, but this is just the beginning. It is not enough to know what detailed sketches are still needed to be able to create them.
  2. Further, it is necessary to set a name intended function and raw material from which it is made (steel, copper, cast iron, plastic, etc .. D.).
  3. Now, you need to think about the main part sketch that includes thorough information about the form.
  4. Then, it should reflect how much you will need cool drawings (type of sections, extension parts, and sections). It is better if they become a little bit. But looking at it, everyone should understand what a part shape, length, width are.
  5. Now, we need to take a piece of cell required size to create a sketch, draw a frame and provide a single line for the title inscription.
  6. You should carefully look at the details and set the aspect ratio of its elements. After that, you want to draw sketches.
  7. Next, you must determine what size to write. This is an important step. Then you need to draw dimensions and extension lines. It should note that it will be easier to perform all the sketches if you know what all the sketches are.
  8. Now, we need to take a ruler and measure the part.
  9. In the last step, you need to finish all that is necessary to make the inscription titles, cut around the patterns, and dimensioning.


This type of sketch (also called “flash”) is drawn on cardboard, a sheet, or a different surface, which is designed to be given to the skin.

The master does not have to be an expert in the painting part, but he needs to know the basic terms of implementing the outline for a tattoo. This he must know that nothing will fail. It should note that not all artists can be tattoo artists. Even if they know such sketches, creating a tattoo process can prove they are not on the shoulder.


It is essential to be able to position the pattern on the body. Therefore, many masters can not do without the flash sets (collections of sketches) of experienced tattooists. Working with them is recommended, especially for beginners. Only with experience can they start sketching themselves. Initially, it is limited only to the creation of tattoos. Sketches, in reality, in this case, played a secondary role.

If the tattooist has artistic skills and can produce images on sheets, it is easy to repeat the images on the skin. Sketching on paper, man is, how it will look on the body. Master literally “rehearsing” the tattoo, so apply patterns on the skin has been much easier.


This thumbnail type is a schematic drawing of the dress. How does it perform?

  1. In the first stage, draw basic lines that will help you draw the human silhouette, bearing in mind the dimensions. Do it carefully.
  2. Next raschertite paper into several pieces, which correspond to the dimensions. Now draw a schematic version of the skeleton of the body. If the figure is for men, the chest and shoulders should be wide and narrow hips. And if she is female, it must be the opposite. Many are aware of such designs, but there are some difficulties in their creation in most. But you do not hope.
  3. The human body looked more believable. Draw in the initial version of the joints in ovals, drawing a thin line between them.
  4. Now, draw across the contours of the body intended article of clothing. Next, rise to follow them, joining the necessary elements and features. It must understand what kind of cut thing.
  5. It will be much easier to create a dress sketch if you take a visual aid photo and images of their respective origins. Focus on these images when drawing. So you learn to perform fashion sketches. In the future, you will do it quickly and easily.

Now you know a lot about the details of sketches, tattoos, and fashion. By following the above rules, you can make quite a beautiful sketch. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t work out at first – you need a little practice.

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