Why always chose the trusted rolling shutter door and manufacturers?

In recent years, the need to install rolling doors is increasing because of the security and security needs, especially in production facilities or factories, rolling doors are a perfect choice. For factories with a large volume of goods and workers, the more important they are to the safety of people and property. Therefore, using industrial rolling doors is the most effective solution for factories and production facilities today.

What is industrial rolling door?

Industrial rolling door is the product of scientific and technical advances, to meet the criteria of faster – quieter operation and good security protection, has launched rolling door products of high quality.

Industrial rolling door products are not too strange for consumers in India; many investors trust this model thanks to its superior quality and reasonable price. In addition, the installation of industrial rolling doors and the use of rolling shutter motors with large capacity are widely applied in factories and warehouses.

Types of industrial rolling shutters trusted today

Fire Proof Rolling Shutters.

Due to the large-scale production, many workers, the risk of fire and explosion is very high, in factories and warehouses often choose to install fireproof industrial rolling doors to limit them. The spread of flame to the outside and these types of rolling doors have the ability to automatically close when an incident occurs. Industrial roller shutters fireproofing is not only safe but also helps to limit economic and human losses caused by fire and explosion. This is a quiet, fast operation product with high protection properties and is widely used in industrial parks, workshops, factories.

High-speed industrial rolling doors.

This is a modern Global Standard industrial rolling door product that is evaluated as a suitable solution for factories and production plants. The outstanding advantage is that the door opening and closing speed is 10 times faster than conventional rolling doors and can be opened and closed continuously. The transparent curtains are reinforced with nylon fibers to increase the tension and can be seen easily inside and outside.

This model of industrial rolling door helps to reduce heat dissipation between rooms, which can help to quickly escape in case of problems. High-speed industrial rolling doors are mostly equipped in food factories, manufacturing plants, and workshops.

Industrial roller shutters are very popular products on the market today. With preeminent features, installing this type of rolling door for factories, factories, and production facilities will be your perfect solution.

Most Trusted Manufacturer

Along with the convenience, the Gatemaan rolling door is popular and widely used in Chennai, gradually replacing many other traditional doors. This is also one of the products that have received a lot of love from customers in recent years. With this door model, customers will certainly receive multi-function rolling door models and enjoy the most outstanding utilities.

Gatemaan is currently one of the most trusted rolling shutter manufacturers in Chennai that many users choose for installation today. With many outstanding features such as sustainability, safety, security as well as enhanced aesthetics, this is definitely a product worth using.

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